Sunday, November 7, 2010


Second post! – Can’t Sleep. I wrote it in Word this time so I didn't lose it!

I have been told after doing something more than 3 times, if you’re gifted, creates a habit.  Normal people, eight times is required for a new trait to be learned.  In school, Mrs. Keen would go over something 3 times in her English classes for us to learn a new rule or a new concept.

She thought we were all gifted.  I would have rather have finished the 5 more times I needed for that i before e rule.  Or any rule for that matter.  Maybe even just lessons in being nice…

Mrs. Keen’s perception built self confidence in us that maybe we were all gifted in one way or another.  Her perception determined her reality and her reality dictated her approach in how she was to instruct us in the ways of diagramming sentences. 

Christianity appears to be no different.  Although we all have one book to operate from, people’s perceptions of that one book vary far and wide, and depending on whom you talk to, some are just down right insane.

Those bordering on the clinically committed level get the most attention.  I like attention.  I have a deep seeded fear that if people stop paying attention to me I disappear.  Given the amount of time in my teenage life I was alone, I either know this not to be so, or there were always many people at least THINKING about me.

Cynical people tend to be self reliant and not very trusting.  Our nature makes us disbelieving naysayers, who at every opportunity to a story relayed that offers some kind of hope(ism) – ok it’s not a word – or fuzzy feeling in our heart, we are sent to Wikipedia or to verify the validity of the story relayed to us in such a “chain letter sent in email” vein that we are usually met with the sad truth.

The wonderful story isn’t true, the soldiers weren’t applauded for, the husband wasn’t divorcing his cancer dying wife only to realize how much he loved her and the President was born in Hawaii.  Cynicism grounds you in the reality of what is.  And the reality of what is fails to bring us to anything beyond the ends of our nose and our own perceived world around us.

This is my second post, and I am honest enough to say I am writing for myself more than anyone who would stumble across my nonsense.  Smarter men than I have tackled weightier issues and have come up with better answers than I fear I am able. 
Questions must be asked beyond the normal “Why does God allow evil?”  This question is juvenile at best. 

If you are going to ask the question at least attach validity and intelligence to it so that it can be shed in the proper horrible light you mean it to be.  Why would God allow marauding bands of men to break down doors in other countries, hold a father at gun point while they rape the women of the family?  True story, it was in the news about 2 years ago.

I travel sometimes.  In Hotels I can’t sleep and I end up watching TV.  If you stay up late enough you are greeted with television shows asking for donations to the Children’s Cancer Charity – and/or local Hospital.  Some of the children have terminal cancer, and I cry like a sally every time I watch one of those children playing and laughing.

The Question why does God (Fill in the blank?) is such an empty question of futility as human beings we attempt to demand an answer, and sometimes are greeted with replies with “it’s His Will” or “part of a greater plan”. 

Those answers can make atheists.

C.S. Lewis before making the Narnia books was a self confessed atheist, who in his own words at 17 years old said he “was angry at God because He did not exist”.

Reality, the true reality that destroys the myth of the existence in what we perceive as our current lot must have answers for these questions.

I will not begin to justify the existence of God, as he needs no justification by the likes of me.  My life as a Christian started 13 years ago and my perception has been so altered as to it’s original focus that only by seeing how an unregenerate C.S. Lewis came to know his sorry state changed his outlook to which the previous anger towards a missing eternal creator evolved to I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.” – C.S. Lewis

I would prove to be an unconvincing partner for you because of how I see everything else.  As others before me I can share a testimony and send you to scripture to show the way to what I believe, I can’t make you believe.  Christ cannot be marketed or sold.  He is who he is to all.

But I digress…

The comment “God is good, all the time” must be given the balanced side of the equation if mathematically we are to have a true statement. At least in this dispensation of time if  “God is good all the time=variable(X) is bad all the time”.

The true question that should be asked then is what is X?

For by identifying what X truly is lays all the definitions of what ails the world and where its corruption stems forth.