Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Other Woman in my Life

My daughter is attending play practice for our church Christmas play. When we attend these practices she sneaks in some extra “Daddy and Daughter time” as I have dubbed it. It’s a time when I spend a few extra moments with her and no one else. I fulfill requirements for the “Dad of the year button” in her eyes and she gets to be with me without her brothers.

Recently we went to George’s and she ordered a Hot Chocolate and we split a dessert. We talked about all sorts of things. We talked about school, the universe, Math, boys, friends, enemies, frenemies and trouble with homework.

We got on to subtracting improper different denominator fractions with minuends and subtrahends. I used the back of her script for the Christmas play and at the table we feverishly went over calculations and formulas until it made sense. I noticed the more problems we went through and the more problems we solved the quieter it was around us with people listening in to what we were doing. I heard one man say to he woman across from him “Do you hear what they are doing at the table? It sounds like Math!”

It wasn’t an excited statement of joy. It was a more “Look what THEY are spending their time doing”

Yes sir. I refuse to have stupid children. Heaven forbid we destroy the one chance to make a fully functioning adult in society.

After our “date” I paid the bill. As I opened the door out for my little girl we walked to my car. She put her arm in mine and she continued to tell me about how much she loved spending time with me. She asked if we could drive the long way home. Not after 8PM I said. It’s way passed her bedtime.